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How has Mind Syntropy changed your life?

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Good morning! Just a little FYI, I got the Promotion and the raise! Thanks for all you do to help me!

Very Happy


Dear Gus, I'm more than happy to write a testimonial about your technique/service. I have been much more productive in my life. By not allowing myself to try to orchestrate every single facet and nuance I'm better able to observe and take in fully each experience

Since I have learned and implemented the "flipping" process, my life has changed exponentialy! The results varried from situation to situation as I learned that I could actualy could control how I felt about any given situation and therefore become more proactive in creating my own life. I am taking better control of my life in a very different sense of "controling my life" or letting life control me. I am happier in every aspect of my life now more than ever, even when I'm in the middle of percieved disaster. I step out of my comfort zone and learn to feel good there and it's a great place to be and am able to move forward with ease and knowingness that all is well always.

L. Adams, Newport Beach

I just need to tell you this....................

I realize now that my "state of being" has been contributing to the way I see the world.....the way I live and feel. And I certainly thank you for shedding light (showing me the way), therefore allowing me to begin to guide myself.

It is amazing how I am feeling. I have become aware of everything! I see the trees swaying in the wind, the birds landing for a quick breath and then taking off again on their journey. I also see that I am not where I want to be professionally. Moving to a higher level is not an issue. More money is definitely not an issue. I just know this is not the place I should be. I know I will leave. When...I don't know.

Yesterday I walked my dog in the preserve behind my house. I have walked her there for 10 years, yet I saw its true beauty for the very first time. Suddenly, I found myself overwhelmed with emotion and could not (would not) continue on to the dog park. My friends there would have thought I had lost my mind. But nothing has been lost.

I have found myself.

What a great week I have had! Just call me "flip". haha It is surprising to me how much calmer I feel. Even more than calm...?? I am so very much aware of what goes on around me, yet, no matter what comes at me, I handle so well. 

My whole being ....every ounce of me...was so out of whack and I did not see it was me causing the problem. I do have common sense.....always have. I am not a dreamer, not really. I have goals and desires but I generally reach my goal and then move on from there. Your lessons are teaching me to look within myself as well as my surroundings. This week at work was so very calm. My calmness and my being so aware of how I felt and what I thought, AND THEN FLIPPING IT, I think, actually had an impact on my boss as well. My boss just left. He came in upset because he has nothing to do. He began to rip apart a post card I designed. But I was way ahead of him. I "noticed" that I stress me out (didn't matter if he was stressed) and when he was upset, I thought "he should not be upset". I therefore had no reason to upset myself. I actually have a huge smile on my face right now because it absolutely worked!!!!! You are the best!!

My momentary depression is gone. I think you were was me seeing things in ME that I did not like. Anyway, have had a wonderful few days. I CONSTANTLY think of the steps and can not describe to you how well it has worked and how good I feel. My boss started in with his ranting...I noticed.....I thought and I flipped it (back at him). Again, and again, and again, until finally...he even calmed down. His stress is not my stress. Right now, I don't even think my stress is my own anymore. I see now how it has been controlling SO MUCH of my life and know now that it is just not worth it....why fight it....just let it go. I feel as though I am walking on stress AT ALL in 2 days.

J, Fl

I have drawn the conclusion that I still need more coaching. Since I have not had my weekly coaching sessions, I have begun to revert too far backward. I'm not 'flippping- out- of'.. things as I used too. I'm still able to deal will things a little bit better than before coaching, but nothing like I was when I was speaking with you regularly. I want to resume our coaching. I am a living testament that your methods work! Without remembering the formulas, everything gets too complicated mentally for me. Thank you for your help and assistance.

C. Brooks

I had been laid off from my job and feeling a lot of depression and frustration. I was worried that I couldn't pay my bills and buy food, gas or the essentials. After working with Gus who is my coach at 18Mind I now look forward to ever new day knowing that I had placed limits on myself. Sincerely,

BW, Colorado

* Hi Gus,


I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for all of the great work you are doing. I really respect you in that you have given up what seems to be big in the world in exchange for what you are doing to help others. In reality, I think what you are doing now is much bigger. The following are results of the impact that practicing the 4 step process has had on my life in a few weeks. I am happy most of the time, I feel that high energy feeling of being excited and deeply connected to others At my most difficult times with my immediate family interaction, what used to be a day or so of being in conflict and feeling down has turned into only minutes of being a bit confused and then being able to step back, see clearly, and take the higher road to working through resolution. My mood immediately goes back up again. In situations that have, in the past, cause intense feelings of dread and fear (mostly financial problems) I have been able to stay calm and peaceful with a knowingness that things will without a doubt take care of themselves. It is much easier for me to see my part in things and take responsibility which used to feel like defeat, but now feels empowering because when I see my part then I am able to change things. I feel that working with you is the reason that things have taken off so fast for me. I respect you and what you are doing, and am grateful that we connected. I wish you and your family a very happy holiday and I want you to know that you deserve great things! I look forward to the New Year and I have a feeling that we will be working together long term.


Hi Gus, I just wanted to tell you that I found a provider that is hiring contractors to do mental health services in Duluth, And I can just transfer my clients over to their organization and keep seeing them. I will not have a boss and do all of my own billing from home and they are very encouraging of me doing groups. I will make quite a Bit more money. This all happened on Friday, two days after I was fired from my other job. I am grateful for you and for all that you taught me that helped me to stay in complete peace-even bliss when chaos came into my life and then just watch it to organize itself into what is supposed to be. My clients are inspired by watching what happened last week.


Sherry Christiansen, Duluth, MN


What it did for me?  Just as my coach told me when I started: It changed my mind, allowing me to change my life!!  I am continuing along this path now by attending the Live Events 18mind is hosting at Shimmering Pines in Jupiter. Hope to see you there!! If not, they have also posted a podcast of the meetings. Believe me, it is worth looking into.

A whole new world for me

Having spent a decade penetrating the world of the human experience through numerous means in training programs and courses with varying degrees of success, I was blessed in March of 2008 when my path crossed with one amazing individual - a blessed man named Clint Baxley. One amazing result of our meeting was in my discovery that there is, in fact, a method for the identifying, training and development of my own human consciousness that delved far beyond and made more of a difference for me than anything I had encountered up to that point in my life.

At this point, I have had a number of cognitions, insights and breakthroughs too numerous to mention.

I'll add more comments to this site over time. I just want to get something poignant published here right now. I started on a comment the other day and didn't get it completed as one simple thought became fodder for content of another kind which I'll use somewhere else on this site.

For now, I'll simply say this...

The 4 Steps to Freedom have brought into my life now, an amazing ability to discern truth from falsehood in ways I never dreamed possible. And, I discovered that by doing just that - discerning truth from falsehood - I have uncovered the source of ALL of my woes throughout my life.

The moments throughout my life when I was feeling bad or shameful or guilty or sorrowful or sad or angry, etc., all had their sources. It always felt to me that feeling those ways at certain times was required and neccessary as a human being. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that without ever actually distinguishing a clear thought about the matter, it felt to me as though being a human being included a biological predisposition to feeling bad - that we are just physically built that way.

Well, I've discovered that this is not true at all. In fact, I've uncovered the REAL truth of the matter.

The truth is, I don't EVER have to feel bad... about anything!! I also see clearly now that by feeling bad in all circumstances I effectively diminish - if not altogether destroy - my capacity to think clearly and creatively. I see now that my level of personal productivity in all areas is directly correlated to how I feel.

My feelings now have become my compass for movement!! A year ago I would have told you that you were nuts for even suggesting that discerning truth from falsehood is as simple as noticing if I feel bad or good when I hold a thought in my mind. I would have told you to get lost if you suggested to me that my feelings had anything to do with my success or lack of it. I'd been taught all my life to never pay attention to my feelings and that they didn't have anything to do with anything.

Yet, my friends, that it is really that simple is EXACTLY what I have learned. I have tested it, retested and tested it some more. And, I can tell you now without equivocation that this law of human consciousness is, in fact, one of the immutable laws of the universe. Now, it's as simple as noticing that I'm feeling bad about a particular thing then really looking to see what thought I'm holding in my mind about it. And, I always discover that there is a glaring falsehood in the thought that is causing me to feel bad!!

It's amazing!! And then, by following the 4 Steps to Freedom, I simply neutralize the thought and the experience of feeling bad is gone... IMMEDIATELY!! And I doubt seriously that I need to tell you what life is like when I am only feeling good all the time. Results are astounding!!

In short, since I discovered 18Mind and The 4 Steps to Freedom, I now have the career of my dreams and a romantic relationship that is so much more than I ever imagined was even possible in romance!!

Thank you, Clint and Gus!! I think it's safe and appropriate to say that you two amazing men have quite effectively saved me from a life sentence of more of the same misery and suffering sprinkled with some happiness here and there.

Now, the tables are turned. All my life I just wanted to be happy and believed I never really could be happy in the way I wanted to be. And because of 18Mind, I'm just so happy ALL of the time!! Rare is the moment now when I even find myself feeling unhappy at all. And when I do, I just employ what I have learned and I'm back on track.

Thank you 18mind!!



Before 18mind, I had been in heavy-duty training and development for a number of years.  Prior to that I had been reading numerous disciplines for even more years.  The last technology I had been participating in was wonderful, and lots of things in my life improved.  Still, with all this training, there was still this one area of my life that it wasn't working on.  This one thing wasn't budging.  Honestly, I thought, "This is great, and it works for most things, but this one thing I have left it's just not going to work on."  I was totally resigned.  I had been getting every type of coaching imaginable inside this other methodology; nicey-nice coaching, in-your-face coaching, committed coaching, everything.  Nothing worked with any lasting power.  I had little breakthroughs, but nothing that actually stayed with me for any length of time.  Then, one Sunday afternoon, inside of 5 minutes, I got coaching in the 18mind method, and the hold that thing had on me went away.    It has not come back. That was over a month ago. I got freedom in five minutes.  This has absolutely changed my life.  Wherever I am, I am totally at peace.  That is a miracle indeed!

Such a huge change!!!

My life has changed dramatically!! The intense stress I was feeling is, for the most part, gone. I truly feel a sense of calmness and joy. It is as though I have surrendered to the fact that I was causing my own stress. My coach at 18mind has stuck by me every step of the way and has helped me to see that I must constantly get out of my own way and to let the goodness, joy and love within me shine brightly.

It changed my mind, hence, it changed my life

It changed my mind, hence, it changed my life


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